Work Package 4
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WP4 - Demonstration projects (DEMO) – NR

In this Work Package, the R&D providers will demonstrate the project outputs on real demonstration case studies on road, railway and waterway networks operated by the three agencies (RWS, NR, HZ). These demonstration projects will ensure that the outputs from the project will be implemented in the practice of infrastructure management within and beyond the life of the project. To ensure this is achieved, the Work Package is organised into the following tasks;

Case Study 1 – North Sea – Baltic Corridor, as an example of the long-distance corridor on the TEN-T Network. 

Case Study 2 – Mediterranean Corridor – focusing on the Rijeka harbour, as an example of a complex partial section of the TEN-T Network. 

Case Study 3 – Urban interchange and node where different modes meet and where the failure of critical infrastructure components (e.g. bridges, tunnels) would cause multiple hazards.