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Faculty of Civil Engineering (UNIZG-FCE) is one of 33 faculties at University of Zagreb. It is organized in 9 departments and has 4 laboratories. UNIZG-FCE is involved in several international associations with European faculties having same area of interests. With substantial infrastructure in terms of personnel, space and equipment, Faculty has long year tradition in conducting both scientific research and expert work activities and it is involved in investigation work, design, monitoring, supervision and consultancy in construction of new and remediation of existing civil engineering structures, but dominantly railway and road / motorway infrastructure (embankments, cuttings, tunnels, bridges, rail tracks, pavements etc.). Due to the substantial involvement in virtually all large-scale projects, thus having on disposal large amount of data, UNIZG-FCE has developed a strong potential to implement innovative research methods and methodologies in order to assess the risks which infrastructure managers need to cope with. Experience gained from these projects gave an impuls for participation in many scientific projects including three ongoing, transport related, H2020 projects. 

Fra Andrije Kačića-Miošića 26, 10 000

Zagreb, Croatia

TEL: +385 1 4639 250 msk@grad.hr 

Mario Bačić  mbacic@grad.hr

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