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SAFE-10-T Final Virtual Conference

SAFE-10-T Final Virtual Conference was replaced by a VIRTUAL meeting via GoToMeeting, due to concerns over the spread of the COVID-19.

Date: 17 April 2020 - Time: 10:00 - 12:30 (Brussels Time) 

This event was destined of interest to infrastructure owners and operators of road, rail and inland waterway networks, government transport planning authorities, researchers and transport policymakers.

Attendees learned about innovative approaches to asset management for transport infrastructure networks and a novel Decision Support Tool for cost-effective management and maintenance of transport infrastructure.

It was an excellent networking opportunity to share ideas, knowledge and experience in relation to transport infrastructure asset management.

The results of the project were presented for three real demonstration projects as follows:

• Demo project 1 - Port of Rotterdam, the Netherlands

• Demo project 2 - Port of Rijeka, Croatia

• Demo project 3 - Severn River Crossing, United Kingdom




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                       Presentation Downloads:       

Opening of Event 

   Paul Doherty, GDG 
Welcome Speach 

   Claudia Ciuca, EC, INEA

General overview of SAFE-10-T project

   Paul Doherty, GDG

Bridge Reliability Model

   Lorcan Connolly, RODIS

Multi-Modal Traffic Modelling

   Marieke van der Tuin, TU DELFT

Whole Life Cycle Model

   Irina Stipanovic, INFRA PLAN

Integration of Big Data from and to open source

   Stephen Wells, Virtus

                   Global Safety Framework and Decision Support Tool

   Rade Hajdin, IMC

Demonstration projects (DEMO)


       Results of Demo project 1 – Port of Rotterdam, Netherlands

   Marieke van der Tuin, TU DELFT

     Demonstration of the DST application on the Demo Project 1

   Nikola Tanasic, IMC

Results of Demo project 2 – Port of Rijeka, Croatia

   Irina Stipanovic, INFRA PLAN

Q & A 

   All Participants

End of the Final Event 

   Paul Doherty, GDG


Final Agenda available here

Contact: Dr Miglė Panasenkienė  




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