Work Package 1
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WP1 - Monitoring and Modeling (MAP) 


Work package leader:


The objective of this work package is to develop protocols for advanced real-time assessments of the condition of

transport infrastructure assets (bridges, tunnels and earthworks). Probabilistic methods will be developed to incorporate results from monitoring to facilitate safety assessments so as to evaluate infrastructure resilience. The input data and the resulting probability of failure will feed into the machine learning algorithms developed in Task 3.3 (WP3) and will be used for model training. Furthermore, the calculated probability of failure will become an input to the decision support tool developed in WP 3. In order to ensure survival and safety of infrastructure in the face of a complex, uncertain and ever-changing future, the following will be considered:

Extreme weather events causing sudden capacity changes.

Climate change effects on infrastructure deterioration.

Evolution of load, e.g. the emergence of intelligent transport systems such as self-driving trucks, car-to-car and automatic emergency braking.