Work Package 3
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WP3 - Global Safety Framework (SAFE) 


Work package leader:


The objectives of work package WP3 are to develop a multi-hazard, risk-based safety framework to manage multi-modal transport networks. The framework will enable infrastructure managers, state and private funding agencies and policy makers to make decisions related to infrastructure objects that maximise safety and investment and consider network performance. A transformative feature of this framework will be the adoption of Artificial Intelligence Techniques at an object and network level that will allow the use of big data in safety management and planning. To achieve this, we require the following:

1. A global support framework will be developed to support planning on the multi-modal level.

2. The exponential increase in both data availability (in the form of real-structural health monitoring data, traffic data, weather information) and the ease with which traditional forms of data such as as-built drawings, inspection reports etc. can be stored and manipulated digitally provides a massive challenge and opportunity for designers to utilise this data to its full capabilities. A feature that will enable this data management is the implementation of BIM across the networks.

3. Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques that are now widely applied in other domains will be employed in the prediction of the future performance and development of maintenance interventions.

4. A decision support tool will be developed, implementing AI techniques and Big Data.